Hybrid Personal Training (most popular)

My training is focused on getting mid-aged females moving again, with simple, everyday movements, to gain confidence, create healthy habits that last a lifetime, and ultimately feel and look better.

With Hybrid Personal Training, you receive the best of both worlds because this combines all the benefits of face-to-face in-person/virtual personal training with the additional support of Online Training via an easy-to-use mobile app.

Hybrid Training is a great way to gain confidence quickly, by having the reassurance of face-to-face contact (either in-person or virtual) you learn how to do the exercises correctly and maintain form. Also, with contact sessions - you have to turn up - which helps you create a regular routine. So if you are easily distracted, this is the best and fastest way to laying the foundations for healthy habits.

Then you have the Online training aspect, which gives you personalised sessions, planned for you, in your calendar, with reminders. The online sessions give you the freedom to schedule and easily re-arrange for when it best suits you. Kids are all at school? Baby is asleep? There's no meeting for an hour? Get a session in before breakfast, or after work. No travel, no gym, no equipment required.

Really there's no excuse, and it couldn't be easier. You even get a reminder!

This is a highly affordable and effective way to achieve your goals and Discover a New You.

We will work together to determine the best personal training package that fits your lifestyle, availability, and goals. You will have 3 - 5 sessions a week, made up of either face-to-face contact (either in-person or virtual) and online training sessions. Plus all the benefits of both training types.


“As a middle-aged mum, with two busy teenage daughters, and a full-time career to juggle, I felt time was my biggest obstacle in sticking with a regular training plan. I also wondered if I’d be able to do the exercises (aside from some running I hadn’t done ‘gym’ like exercises for 20+ years). Lyndall understood these concerns, and advised Hybrid Training (with a mix of in-person and online training) that would build my confidence, and get me used to a routine.

I have to say it worked! I haven’t missed an allocated session, I’m loving the structure (my in-app calendar tells me what to do, and when, and how to do all the exercises), there is also great variety (so I don’t get bored), and the regular assessments show how my fitness is improving. And I love the face to face - it’s enjoyable, I laugh, and I work hard! My main goal was to drop a couple of dress sizes and I’m happy to say I’m well on the way. I’m getting my waist back, feeling healthier, and taking control in looking after myself. I’d recommend Lyndall to anybody”- Lydia I


"I’m really enjoying getting back to exercise and Lyndall is a great trainer. The programme is great, both the personal training sessions and the in app workouts - I just wish I had more time to do more. I’m making an active choice to change and Lyndall is helping me do that, with checking in on the app if I've missed an app workout or giving encouragement for me to keep up the good work.

With Lyndall previously coming from the corporate world, she understands my work pressures and is very flexible working around my time needs. I constantly have an undercurrent of stress due to my job and active lifestyle but I believe my Hybrid training with Lyndall help reduce my stress levels and improve my fitness levels and overall well-being. I’m developing healthier habits, and making better choices now, both in what I eat and how I exercise.

Due to her varied workouts, encouragement, continued support and training expertise, I'm feeling stronger already. I have lost weight and can see myself changing shape. I'm enjoying making a positive change in my life and Lyndall is an integral part of helping me on my exercise journey." - Kate A


"I'm a middle aged guy, with a full-time career and a busy family, and I wanted to tone up and lose some weight. I thought I'd be able to follow a general plan off the internet, but it wasn't until I signed up with Lyndall and her hybrid training, that I started regular workouts - week in, week out - and with the customised program Lyndall set, I'm now meeting my specific goals.

I’m really enjoying the workouts and I can feel and see the difference. The sessions are varied, I love the flexibility of doing the sessions that fit into my day, I get the support I need, and it’s keeping me motivated. I also love the in-person training with Lyndall. I get to learn correct technique, am challenged with progression, and I work really hard. I’m renewing, and would recommend anyone thinking about signing up with Lyndall to just do it” - Ashley I


"I would definitely recommend Lyndall as a PT. My level of fitness and strength has increased so much since working with her and she has provided me with endless support, guidance and information to help me achieve my goals both in-person and online. Workouts are always tailored to what I want to focus on improving. Lyndall has really helped me to enjoy exercise, even on the days where I feel like doing nothing. I really enjoy working with her!"  - Esme H

With Hybrid Personal Training you get:

  • A 30 min Initial consultation call, covering your current activity levels, eating habits, general lifestyle, and what you really want to achieve – Discover a NEW YOU!
  • Welcome Package providing you with all the important information on how it works, what to expect, how we communicate, terminology
  • A customised training program designed around your goals and what you want to achieve
  • One-to-one personal training session(s) designed for you, performed either in-person at a local park to you, or virtually in the comfort of your home *
  • Virtual 15 min assessment to check your posture and highlight any joint or movement issues
  • Regular check-in messaging to keep you motivated and on track (up to 3 per week)
  • Regular check-in form for you to provide feedback on your program, your progress, and any issues
  • Weekly email support
  • Access to your online training program through the mobile application (iOS and Android compatible. Check out the video under Online Training for more on the app)
  • Easily see your full program schedule, with the ability to log additional sessions, check-in and track your workouts, re-schedule sessions to suit your lifestyle, and with all exercises accompanied by a video demonstration
  • Regular progression monitoring – you will be amazed at what you can achieve
  • Ongoing expert support and belief which are often overlooked, but are priceless in making long-term lifestyle changes. You can conquer amazing challenges and discover a new you

* Currently in-person training is offered locally to Royal Borough of Greenwich covering Greenwich, Blackheath, Charlton, Westcombe Park, Woolwich, Royal Arsenal, Shooter’s Hill, Maze Hill, Greenwich Peninsula, Eltham, Well Hall (SE3, SE7, SE9, SE10, SE18). Outside this area can be negotiated, dependent on your location. In-person sessions are also dependent on any current COVID restrictions.

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Hybrid Personal Training Packages are made up of two components.

1. The Online Training component: Choose from either the Power-Up program, or the Blast-Off program (with a minimum of 12 weeks sign up) 


2. The Face-to-Face Training component: Choose from one of the following (the number of sessions will be determined depending on what you want to achieve from your training):

Virtual Hybrid Package

With no travel required, these are easier to schedule, run for 45 mins, conducted via Zoom (you must have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with an internet connection). 

Combined Hybrid Package

A mix of both Virtual (45 min) and In-Person (55 min) sessions.

In-Person Hybrid Package

All In-Person, 55-minute sessions, at your home, or park local to you (as long as social distancing can be observed).

* All face-to-face (virtual or in-person) sessions are to be paid in full, in advance. In-person sessions are only offered within the Royal Borough of Greenwich and conducted at a local park, or an outdoor location agreed upon at the time of booking. If outside this area, an additional cost may be payable, dependent on your location. In-person sessions are also dependent on any current COVID restrictions.

ADD-ON Optional Extras:


It's not all just about exercise. Looking better and feeling better is also about addressing your diet. Identify your weaknesses, your eating habits, learn healthy substitutes, tips to lose weight but keep your favourite food, and come to understand what EXACTLY you are eating, so you can make the choice that is right for you.

This add-on is automatically included in the Blast-Off program, but if you are on the Power-Up program, add on optional personalised weekly nutrition component at any time for an additional cost.

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Not sure you want contact hours? No problem. Get all the benefits of Online Training via an easy to use mobile app, personalised to suit you.