My underlying goal with any client is to ensure safe and effective, exercise and nutrition practice, to suit your exercise experience and abilities, whilst providing life long skills, so exercising and eating well, becomes integral to your life. It's a simple philosophy to help YOU realise YOUR exercise goals, and all that brings:

  • Exercise the body
  • Clear the mind
  • Eat healthily
  • Sleep better
  • Stay strong
  • Worry less
  • Think positively

Now, whilst dramatic changes can definitely be made in four weeks, what is key to my successful personal training is making sustainable changes over a longer period of time, through progressive achievable goal setting, sustainable workouts, simple nutrition tweaks, and tracking your accomplishments. Tracking, Consistency and Progression are key. I help set YOU up to succeed.

This is why I generally require a 12-week minimum commitment for the personal training packages.  As to integrate healthy habits into your life, you do need to allow yourself adequate time, to make the changes. One new healthy habit that sticks is better than 7 short-term fixes. Whilst we all have a great desire to rush to the end goal, this is exactly what causes injury, loss of motivation, yo-yo approaches in both exercise and diet, and ultimately a feeling of failure. If you truly want to succeed, want a safe and effective progression, together, we look to achieve interim accomplishments, on our way to the finish line. Consistency is key.

My Approach

You may now be thinking, 'why train with me?'. You could be thinking 'I could do this myself. I could find a program online, or sign up for a generic online training plan from a cheaper trainer'. Yes - you could. You could also probably find a generic plan in a fitness magazine. They are all readily available and cheaper options....but would you stick to it...week in, week out, month on month? At the end of the day, who's keeping you accountable?  Who is supporting you on the days you don't feel like exercising?  If you're not getting the results you desire, how will you know what to change and how will you change it? Does it cater for your niggling knee or your stiff hip?  That's where I come in. I know how to keep you motivated and self-disciplined to keep striving for your goals.

Ask yourself -  Do you not only want to get to your goal weight BUT STILL be at your goal weight a year from now? Two years from now? I’d be saying ‘YES’! Do you want to stop yo-yo dieting? Do you want to enjoy your exercise, and not endure it? Do you want to learn healthy habits that last a lifetime? I look to build workouts that not only lead you to your goal, but also educate, to improve your mindset, make you accountable, and let you drive the outcome.

 Are you ready and committed to make a change?

My Story

Whilst I will be here to advise you and set your workouts, I'm not going to be telling you what to do all the time, but what I will do is to coach you into making the right decisions for your goals, so you feel empowered and confident to take action toward your goals. You set your goals. You need to do the work to get those goals achieved. I am here to back you and support you ALL the way.

Bespoke programs, in-person or online, are designed with your exercise experience, what you like, and equally what you dislike, your lifestyle and time availability. There is no point assigning a run session if you hate running, or jump squats if you have a dodgy knee, or five sessions a week if realistically you can sustain three sessions. After all, you are the one that will be putting in the work. We need to make it enjoyable, and not viewed as a 'chore' or 'punishment'. Discovering what you like is key.

As a personal trainer, I get to see my clients achieve their goals and face their challenges. Through my own life experiences, I can empathise, I can support and believe, I can guide, motivate, and inspire. Read more About Me.....

Every superhero is unique.....Discover your inner hero and a New You.