Lyndall Orr - L3 
Personal Trainer &
Certified Online Trainer (OTA)

Lyndall Orr

  • CIMPSA/ Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Online Trainer Certified (OTA)
  • CIMPSA/ Active IQ Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • CIMPSA/ Active IQ Pre/Post Natal Qualified Personal Trainer
  • Qualified Nutritionist with LDN Muscle
  • TRX Suspension Training Certified
It starts with ONE medal
It starts with ONE medal
And one event at a time
And one event at a time

About Me

Since becoming a personal trainer I have been set free. it may sound naff, but that's how I truly feel. Having worked in the I.T. corporate world, seated and staring at a screen, for far too long, I am now free to pursue my real passion.....helping others realise their exercise goals, and all that brings - Exercise the body -> Clear the mind -> Eat healthily -> Sleep well -> Stay strong -> Worry less -> Think positively -> BE HAPPY.

I'll admit it, I am no spring chicken. I'm not perfect. I'm human. I have lived.

Life does not 'get in the way' - it is what is -  and I try to live with few regrets, continue to learn, explore new experiences, and take up challenges. Doesn't that all sound dreamy.... but the path to here is not instant, nor is it smooth.

My story

Here’s a little story about myself, and a lesson in keeping the big picture in mind.

I used to smoke... A LOT... for a very LONG time. Giving up 'the smokes' was the start of my long and winding road to where I find myself now. Once I quit, not surprisingly the weight piled on. I decided to start running. Well I'll be honest.... jog... to the next light pole.... then huff n puff for a bit.... before launching off at a snail pace to the next light pole.... thinking I was gazelle-like, more realistically buffalo like. I huffed and puffed for some weeks, with nothing happening. Well, that's what I thought.... I had not lost any weight - which is what I was completely focused on. With my sight fixed solely in one direction, I was completely blind to what had actually happened in those 4 weeks. I was ready to give up.

What had actually happened was I had got much fitter, so after four weeks I could jog non-stop for 20 minutes. It's easy to overlook this achievement when you are looking in a different direction. I could complete 2 x 20 min jogs. Two weeks later the weight started to drop. Over the following 12 weeks, I dropped two stone. Within 20 weeks from initially stepping out, I had reached my goal weight, and run my first 5k race non-stop. I felt like I had found my inner hero. I had become gazelle-like (well in my mind...and that's what counts!).

I have since completed 5k, 10k, half, and full marathons, super, sprint, and Olympic distance triathlons, cycling sportives, and various open water swims. I am constantly setting goals to progress towards achieving new challenges.

Throughout my journey, I've had unwavering support from friends and family. Having someone believe in you, support you through training, and cheer you on at events, is priceless. Their belief becomes your belief, your doubts become confidence, and you develop a determination to succeed.

Takeaways from my story

So here are the takeaways from my story:

  • I was a smoker
  • I was overweight
  • I had self-doubts
  • I needed to REMAIN PATIENT
  • I needed to PERSEVERE
  • I needed to NOT give up, EVER
  • A belief and support structure in place is critical
  • Goals CAN be achieved
  • You CAN discover a new you and your inner hero

As a personal trainer, I get to see my clients achieve their goals and face their challenges. Through my life experiences, I can empathise, I can support and believe, I can guide, motivate, and inspire.

Every superhero is unique.....Discover your inner hero and a New You.