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Online Personal Training 

Workout wherever you like - in your home, out in the garden, down at the gym. You advise the equipment you have access to, and an online personal training program is designed just for YOU, delivered directly to your phone/ tablet, via my easy-to-use mobile app.

Focusing on beginners, or those returning after a (long) break, you will receive a bespoke online training program, delivered to your mobile, with a calendar schedule to fit your lifestyle, designed around your goals.

My goal is for YOU to succeed so sessions are set at a level you CAN do - so nothing scary - that we progress as you gain confidence, get used to regular sessions, and start to feel real change.

Multiple packages are available that suit your lifestyle, availability, and budget. Regardless of which package you choose, there are no drastic changes. No feeling you are climbing an enormous mountain. No battling fear of failure.

So you stay motivated to keep on track, and the small changes made one day at a time, ultimately lead you to success, creating healthy habits, feeling and looking better, and achieving your goals.

Find out more about the packages available, that can be scheduled around your lifestyle, that can all be performed where you prefer, and at times that suit you best.

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Hybrid Personal Training 

With Hybrid Personal Training, you receive the best of both worlds because this combines all the benefits of face-to-face in-person/virtual 1-2-1 personal training with the additional support of Online Personal Training.

Hybrid Personal Training is a great way to gain confidence quickly, by having the reassurance of face-to-face contact you learn how to do the exercises correctly and maintain form. Also, with contact sessions - you have to turn up - which helps you create a regular routine. So if you are easily distracted, this is the best and fastest way to laying the foundations for healthy habits.

Then you have the Online Personal training aspect, which gives you personalised sessions, planned for you, in your calendar, with reminders. The online sessions give you the freedom to schedule and easily re-arrange for when it best suits you. Kids are all at school? Baby is asleep? There's no meeting for an hour? Get a session in before breakfast, or after work. No travel, no gym, no equipment required.

Really there's no excuse, and it couldn't be easier. You even get a reminder!

This is a highly affordable and effective way to achieve your goals and Discover a New You.

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Group Training 

Benefit from Outdoor Group Sessions* and live Virtual Group Session. 

Outdoor exercise reduces your stress, improves your mood, and enhances your self-esteem. It can be just what you need to kickstart the lifestyle you want. And also top up your Vit-D as an added bonus.

And COVID lockdown is not stopping us, as there are live virtual sessions to choose from, so you can join from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. You can even join from Australia.

All training is focused to help you move better, improve stability, creating a fitter and stronger you, to ultimately look and feel better. 

Classes run for 45 mins and cater to all-comers - from the beginner to the more advanced. You work at your pace, and at your level.

*Dependent on current COVID restrictions

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